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Shelly Starr, Julian Michaels

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Shelly Starr is sipping her latte when she sees a stud checking her out. Seductively, she starts licking the whip cum off of it to make sure Julian gets the message. He makes a beeline to her table and after some flirting and a kiss, he brings her home and ravages her firm, college slut body. He yanks off her top and licks her perky boobs from under her hot pink bra, then sits back and watches Shelly wax his manhood with her mouth. Julian eats out this naughty woman's asshole and picks her right up and slams her down on his stiff prick and jiggles that creamy butt up and down, sliding his pecker balls deep into her creamy beaver!


Abbey, Billy Glide

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Moments after Abby gets kicked out of school for breaking the dress code, Billy Glide spies this naughty hottie strolling down the way with her red hot lingerie peeking out of the top of her juicy bum like a whale tail! Billy plays with the stringy thong and yanks on her panties a bit before taking her back to his place. Billy watches in awe as Abbey takes her shorts off slowly, and he immediately paws and kisses her innocent, young 18-year-old backside cheeks. It's not long before Billy buries his hulking dickhead deep in Abbey's vag. He pounds her mercilessly and sprays ejaculate all over her pretty lingerie!


Mali Luna, Jerry

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Boss man, Jerry checks in with his hot punk rock secretary, Mali Luna about an upcoming convention. Mali is wearing quite the sexy outfit today, with her hefty juicy boobs just waiting to pop out and be licked. Jerry slyly leans in for a kiss and before you know it, he's got both of Mali's wonderful naturals in each hand, kissing and massaging them. Mali bends over with a dirty look, showing off her meaty backside in a thong. Jerry peels it off and runs his tongue up her dripping vag and even tongue-drills her asshole. You should hear this bitch howl when Jerry fucks her shaved twat - somebody's getting a raise!


Callie LaVallee, Ralph Long

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Ralph Long has the prettiest coed in all of the land. Callie LaVallee is resting her pretty head on his shoulder when Ralph starts feeling horny and helps himself to blowing on Callie's young, stand-up melons. She straddles his lap and gets his hot tool in her mouth within seconds. Then, this beautiful diva assumes the doggy-style position and squeals as Ralph works her playful backside crack with his tongue. That's for wetting that beaver up! Then, Ralph plunges his thick sausage deep in Callie's pinhole of a beaver and pounds her out silly! See him dump an ungodly amount of cum all over her playful boobs!


Lola Milano, Jerry

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Dreamy coed, Lola Milano is frolicking on a picnic blanket in the park when Jerry sits beside her and starts chatting her up. Moments later, they're locking hot lips back at his place with Jerry unbuttoning Lola'a top and palming her wet coed butt. Laying her down, Jerry gently spreads those taut teen legs and dips his tongue all over Lola's slit and butt. After fingering her bean, she sucks on his dong as he fingers her cooche. Then, this little princess gets pounded roughly in doggy and catches Jerry's laser beam of ejaculate straight in her mouth!


Giselle Mari, Talon

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Goddamn it, these young 18-year-olds are so easy to exploit! Coed Giselle Mari waltzes into Talon's modeling agency and after finding out that porn pays way more - she agrees to Talon stuffing his dirty in her twat and furious finger-pounding her muff hole. As she's moaning loudly from Talon's talented tongue, Talon sticks his weiner in her mouth and watches this nano bitch gulp down his fuck stick, its girth giving her those chipmunk cheeks. Then, she climbs aboard Talon's wang express and bangs herself super hard and after one final doggy-style bang, she's ready to drink up Talon's shaft milk!


Kimber Day

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What's supposed to start off as your run-of-the-mill jerk off vid actually spins out of control once the director sees how smoking hot Kimber Day is! After watching her slowly strip out of her clothes and writhe on the bed flicking herself, the director requests that she back that playful butt up...right on his pecker! After giving her some quick, deep strokes, Kimber sucks him off while furiously twisting and turning and pulling on his junk. She even puts that hot manhood back in her slit to ramp up the sexual tension! Finally, the director can't hold it anymore and splatters this starlet with his milky cock cream!


Alexis Grace, Bradley Remington

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After losing horribly in foozball to Bradley Remington, Alexis Grace has to fulfill her end of the bargain and chow down on his tool and balls. Brad steps up to this super hot broad and feels up her big tits and kisses those nipples and slides his hand in between her toned thighs and shoves a finger up her moist fuckhole. Alexis starts blowing Bradley well enough, but Brad requires to see this bitch gag and so do we! So, he smashes her mouth down on his prick until her gag reflex kicks in and hot, stinging mascara tears are running down her face in rivers of dark smudge. But Alexis is a champ and takes him to the finish line and drinks that cum!


Veronika Raquel, Levi Cash

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Veronika Racquel loves the nether penis and can't wait to get her tight box all wet for some wild action! Levi Cash is rigid and ready, wasting no time in getting down and dirty. Her leopard print blouse and short shorts hit the floor in a flash! She wraps her lips around his hard cock and starts working his sausage like a pro! Her hard work is rewarded as he slams her foofoo hard and long. Veronika gets loud about how well she's being fucked by her super guy. Switching between a variety of positions she gets stuffed every way Levi can imagine and more! The living room almost isn't enough to contain these two!

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